Robecca Steam repaint: body


Hunter Huntsman repaint

Our second guy, and it’s Hunter Huntsman again (Ever After High). This time he kept  his original clothes, but got his head shrunk and hair replaced with a wig made from acrylic yarn. And, of course, his original face-up was removed and repainted.
He also has some very basic, delicate shading on his body.

Mavros – our first man :)

He should probably be named Adam, as he is the first male doll we customized. He was also my first reroot.

The original doll,  Hunter Huntsman of the Ever After High franchise, was bought new, in a 2-pack with Ashlynn Ella, the same one who later became our colourful Titania.


I already had plans for him, so I quickly and mercilessly removed his hair. It’s a rather time consuming activity, fortunately he did not have a lot of hair in the first place. But he had that weird felt-like thing imitating a buzz cut, which gave me pause, but then I simply removed it with acetone. Now I know how to remove those pesky stickers from plates in seconds! 🙂

But hair removal is nothing, compared to the hair implantation, which took me three days. I also have to admit I went a bit overboard with the amount. It made the hair a bit difficult to flatten, but I managed.



Now, with the reroot finished, he was ready for new face and some new clothes. Mum started working with faux leather, and I started painting. It wasn’t easy, what with the slight smile, that turned out retarded no matter what I did. All in all I changed his face three times, and settled for this:


Mum made a lovely costume using a thin faux leather, small chains, tiny studs and a recycled hand watch buckle.  We had some trouble with the boots, as his original pair was perfect for this style, but brown. Fortunately my friend Kastor, who paints miniatures, helped me by airbrushing the boots black and grey, and applying some black wash later, so I only had to paint the details.
And here’s the end result:

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