Price: $70 +shipping depending on your location.

Dolls I repaint: fashion dolls – Monster High, Ever After High, Barbie and similar.
Dolls I don’t repaint: Blythe and similar. Also dolls that look like babies and children.
Other types of dolls – please, ask via e-mail.

The service includes:
– removing the original make-up (if present)
– painting the new one based on your suggestions and wishes
– sending the doll back to you in a safe packaging

The way it works:

You contact me via e-mail or Facebook (provided in the Contact section), and we discuss the details of your commission. We agree on the style and determine the shipping price.
You pay the entire sum in advance.
You send your doll to me (always use the postal service that includes some form of tracking and/or acknowledgment of receipt, so that you can be sure the doll has reached me. Safety first!).
I paint the new face, providing you with photos of progress, to minimize the risk of you being unhappy with the result.
I always sign my work in the back of the dolls head, under the hair. If the hair is short, and you don’t want the signature to be readily visible, I may sign the scalp so that the hair can cover it, or even inside the head. But I always sign it.
I send the doll back to you (tracking and/or acknowledgment of receipt, always!), in a safe packaging , that includes a sturdy cardboard box and bubblewrap, which is also the type of packaging I suggest you use, when sending the doll to me. If possible I will reuse your packaging, unless I decide it’s not safe enough of has been damaged.


What materials do you use?
Derwent – watercolour pencils
Koh-I-Noor – dry chalks
Rembrandt – soft pastels
many types of acrylic paints
Mr Super Clear – matt sealing spray with UV protection
Tamiya – clear gloss acrylic paint

Why do I have to pay the full price in advance? I have to trust that you will paint the doll. Why can’t you trust me to pay you later, when I know the result?
Because it’s my time. Unfortunately I can’t risk spending hours and hours painting something you won’t pay for in the end. Also I have a reputation to uphold, and a happy client is quite essential 🙂

What if I change my mind about the type/colours/style of face-up during the painting process?
It depends on the changes you want and the stage of work. Small changes, like “add some more of colour/shimmer” or “make the lips a slightly different colour/shape” won’t be a problem. However serious and sudden changes like eye shape, shading (especially removing some of it) or entire colour scheme, will most likely result in me having to remove the make-up and start anew. I will charge additional $10 for every change that forces me to start from the scratch. That’s why you will be presented with photos of every main stage of my work, and I won’t go any further without your approval. UNLESS you give me a clear permission to skip that and do as I see fit.
You should also be warned that the more times you remove the make up, the more it affects the surface, and painting becomes gradually more difficult.

What if I want to cancel my order?
It depends on the stage of my work. If I haven’t started yet or barely started (original make-up removal and sketch)  I will send you your money back, minus the sum needed for shipping. If I’m somewhere in the middle of painting, I will keep 25 dollars for my time and materials, plus shipping. If the work is complete I keep 35 dollars for my time and materials, plus shipping. In any of those cases, I will remove the make-up completely, before sending the doll back to you. Unfortunately time is essential in my work. The only advice I can give you is to refrain from ordering if you’re not sure if you want it or can afford it.

How long does it take you to complete a single face-up?
From start to finish – one to three days depending on the type of doll, amount of detail, style of make-up and, unfortunately, inspiration 🙂

I’m sending my doll today. When can I expect it back?
It REALLY depends. Mostly on postal services, which, as we all know, can be unpredictable. It also depends on the amount of other orders. However my work is based on the first-come first-served principle. Therefore I will notify you as soon as I receive your doll and estimate the time I need to complete your order. All in all it shouldn’t take longer than 5 weeks (shipping time both ways included) even if you live on a different continent. Usually it takes less than that.

My young daughter loves dolls, I’m sure she’d be delighted to have one with such a nice face…
I’m sure she would, and if you really want to spend so much money on a face-up that is going to last a month at best – your call 😛
Hand-painted face-ups are not suitable to withstand the attention of children. They are way less resiliant then the original face paint. They are waterproof, but rubbing, scratching, and even a prolonged exposure to too much touching, can destroy the make-up. Hand-painted dolls are collector’s items and need to be handled with reasonable care. Still, it IS your call.

Aren’t your face-ups a bit pricey? There are other artists that are cheaper.
They, too, accept commissions, don’t they? 🙂


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